Netflix Student Discount & Offers in 2020

Binge watching is getting pretty common these days among students. As it can be seen that 90% of American students are indulged in watching videos online. And a platform that is most familiar to them, on which they watch videos is Netflix. In the USA, there are 9 students out of 10 who spend their time on Netflix watching videos and even buy its services at such low prices. Since there are Netflix discounts for students as well, so here you will get a guide about that.

Netflix Student Discount 2020 Detailed Guide

In the USA, students often get exhausted due to their tough work schedules. To keep their exhaustion aside, they prefer to opt for online videos and movies to entertain themselves and have good times. And for better access to videos and movies, they wish for suitable discounts on Netflix. But to their disappointment, there is no Netflix discount package for students rather Netflix has some other ways to entertain students. Have a look!

Netflix Student Discount & Offers in 2020

Netflix Plans For Students:

Keep this straight!

There are no Netflix discount packages for students because Netflix doesn’t provide any discount packages to students. Rather Netflix has some other good plans for students that include: Mobile plans, Basic plans, Standard plans, and Premiums.

  • If you opt for the Mobile plan, you can watch unlimited videos at low.
  • You can go for the Basic plan for better exposure that costs 8.99 USD/month.
  • If you opt for the Standard plan, you can watch unlimited videos on two screens at a time. This package costs 12.99 USD.
  • And last but not the least, there’s a premium plan for you as well for your better interests. It costs 192 USD/year where you can watch your favorite videos and movies on four screens at a time.

If you’re searching for more offers, you can utilize your trial period for free services. But don’t forget there’s no such thing as Netflix discount packages for students. It’s a Myth.

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Netflix Alternatives With Student Discounts:

  1. Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime cares about your interests. To let you have the best experience, it provides you a six months free trial period, not like Netflix that provides you only a month free trial period. Amazon Prime also provides you many other offers too that you do not find on Netflix.

  1. Hulu:

Hulu is another platform where you can get premium services and online video streaming just within the cost of 4.99 USD/month. It gives you a feasible paying method. It comes with a plus where you can pay half of the price first and enjoy the original streaming, then you can pay the other half of payment.

  1. HBO Now:

HBO Now provides many good discount offers for students. Not like Netflix, that doesn’t give any discount offers for students. There’s a membership offer of 14.99 USD/month HBO Now provides where there’s a concession for students. Students have to pay only 5.00 USD/month, that’s more than half of it. It’s like a pay-on-the-go offer that you cancel anytime while serving the free trial period.

Update:​ HBO Now is not providing any new student discount subscription offers at present.

  1. YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a 40% discount to the students. There’s a security verification through SheerID to ensure the security of the account. There’s an annual update to the profile as well for the promotion of offer to the next year to ensure the security of the provided information. And the best part is, you can enjoy this easy access to YouTube Premium Student Discount without any ads.


Q1. Does Netflix have a student discount?

Ans: No. Netflix has no such thing as Netflix Student Discounts. If you really want to enjoy​ the services you can opt for the trial period of Netflix.

Q2. What video streaming sites offer student discounts?

Ans: Websites like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube Premium and also some other​         websites provide good discount offers to students. You can opt for them rather than Netflix that doesn’t provide any discount offer. They offer is a free one month trial.


Netflix Student Discounts are total Myth because Netflix does not provide any sort of student discount offers. If you want to save your money and enjoy its services at the same time then you can opt for the thirty days trial period of Netflix.

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