Bookzz – Best Alternatives to Download Free E-books

It is not just a hobby to read books rather it is a passion that people possess through which they increase their vocabulary and knowledge. There’s no need to visit any library or buy any hard copies of books now. You can now read books online or you can download them. 

What is Bookzz? 

It is better to ask “What was Bookzz?” rather than asking “What is Bookzz?”. Bookzz was a very famous site where book readers could easily find their required books, they could read them for free. Bookzz was one of those websites where readers could search the books, read them online, and could also download the books that they wanted to read, for free. But due to some privacy issues, this website had been shut down for good. It happened due to not following the privacy guidelines and lack of implementation. Whilst the subscribers and readers of that website were informed about this via official email. 

Bookzz Best Alternatives to Download Free E-books

7 Alternatives of the Bookzz Website 

Though this popular website is no longer available avid readers need not worry. There are alternatives to this website. Here is a list of some such websites. 

  1. For native European and South American readers, is a very good platform with a simple design to come across a good collection of books with multiple language options to make their reading experience more worthwhile. 
  2. Library Genesis: Library Genesis is a Russian website, it has been known for years for its vast collection of books. Fictional or Non-fictional, this website provides both genres. A reader can simply find the books of his own choice and download them for free. 
  3. If you’re a reader and you want to choose books according to your choice of genre, author or interest, etc. then is the best option for you. It has the best customer navigation system. 
  4. provides you with an easy to use navigation system and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it provides you a number of features with high quality from which you can easily download a book and choose multiple books at a time. 
  5. Open Library: Open Library is a very good platform where you can easily and more wisely choose and add up the books to your to-read list since it also displays the reviews of people on a certain book so it gets quite easier for a reader to choose any book. Open Library comes with two options; the first one is to download the books for free and the second one is to pay to get the book. Whilst the latter option has more variety and facilities.

All in all, Open Library is the best platform if you are a tech geek or tech student since it provides a wide range of technical books. 

  1. Free e-books: With Free e-books, you have an opportunity to read for free as much as you like. But there is a limit set by the website through which you can download only a specific amount of books. This free website holds a large genre of books that includes fictional, nonfictional, and children audiobooks, etc. 
  2. PDF Drive: PDF Drive is considered one of the finest digital book websites because it has a direct link system and this website is free of advertisements. You can find a very good collection of different books from different authors. 
  3. BookSC: BookSC is the best website for researchers or for the people who want to expand their knowledge about the certain topic since this website holds a lot of reliable content related to science and technology, there are also research papers on the related topics and 50 million research journals. 
  4. has more than 54,000 e-books, it also has pub books, kindle edition books, literature books, etc. One can easily get these books in their lists and download the required books from there. 

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